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Invicta 8926 mod, drilled lugs, BSH dial, US$165 >>SOLD, Thank you!<<
avatar October 03, 2019 02:54AM
>>SOLD, Thank you!<<

For Sale: Modified Invicta 8926
Condition: Very Good
Price: US$165.00, shipped by USPS Priority Mail within the USA.
Email: sales.murphymanufacturing@gmail.com
Method of Payment: Paypal invoice

International sales are possible. Tracked and insured shipping will be required, at quite a bit of extra cost. I would prefer to deal with international sales to people who I already know. But I know most everyone.

For sale is an Invicta 8926, modified.
This watch was purchased for research purposes, for the development of replacement bezels for this family of watches. It is now surplus to my needs.

As such, the watch box and pillow are a little dirty, from being in a machine shop environment.

Included are the original box, outer box, papers, and now-expired warranty papers and hang-tag.
The original bracelet is still in the plastic wrapper, except for the de-branded clasp. The bracelet has been sized, but includes all links.

The watch has been worn by me. BSH 369 dial, Dagaz mil hands. The Lume of dial and hands is a good match in both daylight color and nighttime intensity, which are "white" and "barely visible" respectively.

Also, the chamferred and drilled lugs lend a vintage feel to this mod.

I am very happy with the timekeeping. This is not a chronometer-grade movement. It is Seiko’s current entry-level automatic movement. But as I say, I am happy with the timegrapher trace, and the on-the-wrist performance.

The lug holes have been drilled from the outside using the Bridgeport mill. I designed and built tools and fixtures that find the pin-hole location from the inside, and accurately transfer the X-Y position to the outside. Personally, I love the look. I once went an entire year buying only watches having pierced lugs. But I digress....

Seiko/SII caliber NH35a hacking and hand-winding

>>I damaged the original oscillating weight during a debranding experiment. So I scrounged a 7s26 rotor, which works just fine. Yes, this is a Sii NH35 hacking and handwinding movement.<<

Case 40mm diameter at the bezel.
Width 43.5 including crown.
Thickness 13.4mm.
Length lug-to-lug 47.7mm.
Width between lugs 20mm.

Parts used:
Custom BSH dial, affixed by dial dots adhesive
dagaz handset
SKX007 seconds hand, painted orange
Murphy Manufacturing IN4052 coin-edge bezel, unidirectional micro-click.
>>Bonus... Murphy Manufacturing IN4010 bezel<<
Invicta 8926 bezel insert
Single dome mineral crystal

Work performed:
Drill through lug holes
Lug chamferring and crown guard modification
Debrand midcase, crown, bead blast
Debrand caseback and bracelet clasp, bead blast.
Debrand oscillating weight, mess it up, find replacement from a 7s26, clean, lube, reinstall.

>>All bracelet links are included, and have been bead blasted to match the other pieces.<<

Tests performed:
Pressure test to 6ATM (the maximum of my wet pressure tester)
Timegrapher: movement is running to specs well within manufacturers specs for beat error, amplitude, and daily rate.

Condition, TZ Scale: Very good

TZ Condition Scale
The watch shows what might be considered normal wear by a careful owner who wore the watch regularly. Scratches are evident, but no nicks or dings. May have replacement parts and/or a high quality redial. Running and keeping good time, though may need minor regulation. A sound, attractive presentation overall. 83-87%

This is a conservative rating. If not for the replacement of the oscillating weight, I would have rated it at "Excellent"

Bonus>> Since both bezels have been bead blasted to match the case and bracelet, they both will go with the watch. The buyer should advise which bezel the watch should be delivered with.

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Invicta 8926 mod, drilled lugs, BSH dial, US$165 >>SOLD, Thank you!<< Jpeg Attachments Dave M 400 October 03, 2019 02:54AM

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