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March 16, 2019 07:37AM

Hello folks,

I was never able to really participate here, because the link code I used successfully to post my images from Google Drive, on every other forum on earth, did not work here. Crying

Recently I found another (simpler really) way to form the link text, and thankfully it works just fine here!! Cheers!

What I used to use was of the form: http: //drive.google.com/uc?export=view&id=XXXXX (without that space after http: )

What works is like this instead: https: //drive.google.com/uc?id=XXXXX (without that space after https: )

[Tutorial: In Google Drive you must first have your files/folders marked for access by "Anyone with a link", than right click an image and choose Share. In the window that comes up, copy the link. It will have the form https: //drive.google.com/file/d/XXXXX/view?usp=sharing (without that space after https: ) You want to copy the file identifier only (the part XXXXX) and paste it into the posting format show above.]

I have a feeling the switch to https: helped a lot, making the forum servers feel more secure, and removing the export tag makes it a more "direct" link as well. Huh?

In any case I am very happy to be able to finally "come home"! Watch Honeymoon

- Thomas "Motowatch"

Subject Author Views Posted
Hello guys, my image insertions from Google Drive fail with code 400 URL Thomas 5643 August 06, 2014 03:09PM
Still working on this, Thomas. I think I have found the issue >> Jittery Jim 5119 August 07, 2014 02:40PM
Thumbs Up Thanks for the update Jim, it has been frustrating... Sad Thomas 5069 August 07, 2014 04:53PM
Tim and I haven't yet solved this ourselves; next step is to reach out to our hosting provider. (n/t) Jittery Jim 5087 August 10, 2014 06:21PM
Crying Okay, please keep trying, all my photos are on Google Drive now. Oops (n/t) Thomas 4888 August 11, 2014 09:45AM
Emailed them today. Smile (n/t) Jittery Jim 5108 August 11, 2014 09:57AM
Whistle Any progress? I am very anxious to contribute... Crying (n/t) Thomas 5025 August 18, 2014 01:37PM
As far as I know both Tim and I have hit a wall. Haven't given up totally yet. (n/t) Jittery Jim 5037 August 18, 2014 05:08PM
Used to work with PMWF, works with SCWF and all other forums I am on. Angry (n/t) Thomas 5010 August 18, 2014 06:03PM
My images from Photobucket all display, but they display a lot smaller than they used to on PMWF. Perhaps I have a setting wrong somewhere? (n/t) JFK3531 5039 August 06, 2014 06:22PM
No, you don't have a setting wrong. It's a feature of the forum >> Jittery Jim 4974 August 07, 2014 06:26AM
OK. Thanks. (n/t) JFK3531 4993 August 07, 2014 05:01PM
I'll add in that my hosted pics don't always display. BF Hammer 4943 August 06, 2014 03:22PM
I tested a couple but haven't run into any issue. Confused Jittery Jim 5045 August 07, 2014 02:41PM
I'll play around with inserting from Drive and investigate. Thanks for reporting! (n/t) Jittery Jim 4973 August 06, 2014 03:10PM

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