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Seiko Catalogs 1960s to 1980s
avatar August 04, 2014 08:04PM
This is a mirror from SCWF with permission from Isthmus. Hence I copy his introduction to the collection (original location at SCWF):

Below is a massive project that has been the better part of the last year in the process. Thanks to the generosity of some of our members (especially Gary Fredericks) we have been able to scan and collect a large collection of vintage seiko catalogs ranging from the late 1960s to H2 1985. We hope to add to this database as more donations from members come in. If you have any vintage catalogs you would like us to add, please let us know, we'd be happy to scan them for you.

These scans can be freely shared with any other site, provided the use is not commercial. Under no circumstances may anyone copy and rehost any of these files in any other website without the express permission of SCWF! If you do link to these files, please be kind enough to link and reference the source of the material.

Unless otherwise noted, the catalogs are primarily Japanese market catalogs. Just because something does not appear in a catalog, it does not mean that seiko did not produce it or make it available in other markets.

Without further a do, here is the new catalog database:

1969 Seiko Brochure.pdf 3.9 MB English 12 pages

1969 Seiko Catalog.V1.pdf 5 MB English 16 pages

1969 Seiko Sport Diver Catalog.pdf 1.3 MB Japanese 6 pages

1973 Seiko Catalog (US Market).pdf 9.0 MB English 36 pages

1974 Seiko Catalog.V1.pdf 9.2 MB Japanese 133 pages

1974 Seiko Catalog.V2.pdf 14 MB Japanese 81 pages

1975 Seiko Catalog.V2.pdf 19 MB English 30 pages

1975 Seiko Catalog Supplement.pdf 6.4 MB Japanese 115 pages

1976 Seiko Catalog.V1.pdf 17 MB Japanese 101 pages

1977 Seiko Catalog.V1.pdf 18 MB Japanese 102 pages

1977 Seiko Catalog.V2.pdf 16 MB Japanese 98 pages

1978 Seiko Catalog.V1.pdf 22 MB Japanese 139 pages

1978 Seiko Catalog.V2.pdf 23 MB Japanese 132 pages

1979 Seiko Catalog.V1.pdf 26 MB Japanese 153 pages

1979 Seiko Catalog.V2.pdf 23 MB Japanese 126 pages

1980 Seiko Catalog.V1.pdf 25 MB Japanese 147 pages

1980 Seiko Catalog.V2.pdf 22 MB Japanese 132 pages

1981 Seiko Catalog.V1.pdf 22 MB Japanese 128 pages

1981 Seiko Catalog.V2.PDF 146 MB Japanese 127 pages (higher resolution)

1982 Seiko Catalog.V1.PDF 155 MB Japanese 143 pages (higher resolution)

1983 Seiko Catalog.V1.pdf 17.2 MB Japanese 103 pages

1983 Seiko Catalog.V2.pdf 18 MB Japanese 106 pages

1984 Seiko Catalog.V1.pdf 20 MB Japanese 119 pages

1984 Seiko Catalog.V2.pdf 20 MB Japanese 123 pages

1985 Seiko Catalog.V1.PDF 64 MB Japanese 131 pages

1985 Seiko Catalog.V2.pdf 19 MB Japanese 116 pages

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Seiko Catalogs 1960s to 1980s URL Jittery Jim 20747 August 04, 2014 08:04PM

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