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WF-WF Rules and Guidelines
avatar August 03, 2014 12:04PM
Welcome to the Wallet Friendly Watch Forum (WF-WF) - a refuge in the internet for people who like affordable watches. Our most important rule (rule #1): be polite and friendly!

1. Paradigm:
Please be polite and help if you can. Keep in mind that this is an international forum, other people may have other views and other ways to express themselves. The use of obscene language is considered inappropriate on WF-WF by the majority of the board. If for whatever reasons you have the urge to use strong language, then please mask foul words: "....that @#$%^#$% caseback just would not open!". Thank you for using polite language!

2. Tolerance:
Please be tolerant and refrain from racial, gender, political and any other form of discrimination. We are gathering on this forum to talk about our passion: watches. Of course it is nice to hear more than just about watches from our cosmopolitan community. Off topic posts are welcome, but keep in mind that our numerous visitors come from different cultures, political and religious environments. Be careful with jokes as they might be interpreted differently in other cultures or be insulting. Also please consider that "locker room" jokes could be gender discriminating.
However if you think your post is provocative or could escalate or has the potential to get out of hand: do not post!

3. Watch Forums:
You are welcome to link to other watch forums.

4. Sales and auctions:
Sales are only allowed on the Sales Forum - please read the Sales Forum rules before posting. If you posted about a watch on the main forum you will have to wait 3 days until you can post that watch for sale on the sales forum. Please do not link to your post on the sales forum. Linking to your friend's sales post in order to raise its exposure is considered shilling and the consequence might be banning from both forums.
Please do not link to live auctions (auctions that are not closed yet) on Ebay or any other auction sites unless you recognize a fake, a frankenwatch being advertised as original or unless you spot other irregularities, e.g. the same watch auctioned twice. Links to live auctions will drive the prices up and benefit only the sellers and not the collectors/buyers.

5. Sources:
You can discuss and link to prices and sources on WF-WF. But no shilling nor promoting for your, your relatives' or your friends' watch business please.
No links to websites that knowingly violate copyrights, e.g. use stolen web layouts, pictures, texts. This is not a complete list. Also no pictures containing the URL or links to the URL of sites that infringe copyrights.
If in doubt, ask one of the Administrators BEFORE you post.

6. Disputes:
Please do not use WF-WF to fight battles of any kind. Please also refrain from importing disputes from other fora or other sites. Please try to resolve buyer/seller matters per e-mail first before bringing them to public attention on the discussion forum.

7. Fakes:
No posts about fakes! Exceptions are if you educate fellow forum members about how to identify fakes or have an interesting story about movements or materials used in fake watches. Please note, a fake is a watch that illegally uses the name, design, logo and other characteristics of the brand it tries to imitate. Replicas are fakes.
There is a watch class called "Homage". Homage watches that do not infringe trade marks and model registration and are marketed under a consistent brand name are not fakes.

In any case, do not post links to sites that sell fake or counterfeit watches or accessories or any non-watch related fake merchandise, e.g. pens, leatherwear etc. Your post will be deleted without notification and explanation.

8. Deletion of Posts
We Administrators do not believe in deletion or an oppressive moderation style. We accept the higher risk of a "Laissez-fair" or "Hands Down" moderation style for the benefit of a more lively forum. However all WF-WF Administrators are free to delete posts that violate WF-WF Rules and all WF-WF Administrators have the power to decide independently. However in most cases we consult and discuss before a thread is deleted. We have no fun in removing threads or in trying to apply an intimidating moderation style. The forum is here for you and us and all that want to share their passion about watches.
We are a friendly forum, thus you will get an explanation per email (if you provided a working email address - we will of course remove eventual SPAM tags in your registered email address) why your post was removed or modified with the exception of posts trying to advertise fake watches and accessories. Those posts will be removed without explanation. We will not comment about deleted posts about fakes. You can also ask us to remove one of your posts at any time.

9. Change of screen name (profile name) not possible
Please select your screen name carefully when you register with walletfriendlywatchforum.com. Please note that www.walletfriendlywatchforum.com registration comprises both discussion and sales forum. An exception is established watch businesses with either a real world shop or an online shop. One additional company screen name is allowed for posting on the sales forum.
You pick one screen name for both forums. The forum software will not allow you to change the profile name (screen name, your WF-WF name) afterwards. Once you registered with a certain name on www.walletfriendlywatchforum.com, you will be keeping that screen name or PMWF name as long as you post on the forum. The Administrator Team will permanently scan the WF-WF member profiles for duplicates and redundant instances of profiles and consequently ban violators of Rule 9 for life.
Since this rule has been introduced while many WF-WF members are being registered, the Administrator Team will stand by and help you with any problems during the transition to the "one screen name per person WF-WF community".

Not a rule, but a maybe useful hint:

The usefulness of introductory posts:
If you are a newly registered member of the WF-WF community, then why not make an introductory post? The WF-WF has grown a lot, but against all odds, has remained a friendly and relaxed place where making friends is easy. We believe that new members that introduce themselves can benefit further and faster from the community's vast resources. You could either post a watch related introduction: talk about the watches you like most, the watches already in your collection. Or you could also post a more general introduction and include a bit more information about yourself, your profession, other hobbies and maybe the area you are from. We are sure that a single introductory post will help you in the best possible way to find new friends on PMWF or to even find watch enthusiasts living in your city. Of course introductions are voluntary.
And if you optimize your work methodology, then simply cut and paste your introductory post into your WF-WF user profile and then the information will stay there as long as you wish. After you registered and logged on, you will see the Edit Profile command at the right of the command line. That is the link to click in order to add information to the WF-WF profile. See you on the forum!

Last but not least, if you are not happy with any of these rules, discuss with us. We are always open for suggestions and feedback. After all, this is our all forum for our watches!

Best Regards
The Admin-Team
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WF-WF Rules and Guidelines Micha 2778 August 03, 2014 12:04PM

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