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The two main sections of the forums each have different views that you can change depending on your personal preference. This can be set in the user control center but can also be changed on the fly while viewing the forum by using the "Switch View" link.

From the message list

The default view is "Threaded" in the message lists for most of the forums here on WF-WF. This means you can see the main thread and all the replies from the message list.

If you prefer to see just the main threads as a list, without the replies, click on the "Switch View" link and you get a flat message list view.

From the Read Thread page

The Read pages have three views, labeled as Hybrid, Threaded and Flat. The "Switch View" will rotate through the three view. The forum default view is Hybrid, then it moves to Threaded and then to Flat, then back to Hybrid. You can use the "Switch View" to find the one you like. Or change based upon the post.

Hybrid - shows the current message with a threaded list of replies below the message.

Threaded - Shows the starting post at the top with replies displayed out below in readable form, with the replies indented showing the order of who replied where.

Flat - Shows the starting post and displays the remaining posts in a flat view with no indentation.

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Did you know: You can change the forum view on the fly? Jpeg Attachments Jittery Jim 1852 August 06, 2014 07:32AM

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