April 10, 2017 06:35AM
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The beginners guide for starting a boutique watch brand. Jpeg Attachments BF Hammer 313 April 09, 2017 03:31PM
Hang on... Hemel 161 April 10, 2017 11:50AM
LOL LOL LOL (n/t) Hemel 161 April 11, 2017 06:21AM
The new Hemel-Glashautte Accuristium coming to an Instagram account soon! Laughing Laughing (n/t) BF Hammer 151 April 10, 2017 02:31PM
You should take notes... obsidian 148 April 10, 2017 01:26PM
Ok but what is "bokeh" Sfnewguy 180 April 10, 2017 06:08AM
Japanese term for artistic blurring of foreground and background. With sample. Jpeg Attachments BF Hammer 210 April 10, 2017 09:22AM
Nice Thank you. I am so ignorant of so many things Sfnewguy 154 April 10, 2017 02:36PM
Check wikipedia. Smile (n/t) Robmks 177 April 10, 2017 06:35AM
Except for the minimalist look sure sounds like Invicta. Smile (n/t) Robmks 141 April 10, 2017 05:15AM
Rolling on the floor (n/t) Zeb 132 April 09, 2017 04:02PM
Looks like a Sound Business Plan to me. Whistle Caveman 151 April 09, 2017 03:43PM

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