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So many hobbies, so little money...

state of the collection
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"The World's Newest & Most Unique Watch" Jpeg Attachments Caveman 431 April 17, 2017 02:38PM
WTF? Who's behind this? ........... Robmks 186 April 17, 2017 05:01PM
They definitely minimized the movement - you know, when I want a minimalist watch, I really want to stand out - not just fit in. Laughing (n/t) Mike D 157 April 17, 2017 04:09PM
"I want to be different just like everyone else." (n/t) Zeb 149 April 17, 2017 06:05PM
Rolling on the floor (n/t) James T. Kirk© 159 April 18, 2017 04:43AM
It IS a Comical watch. But note that the seller Had The Last Laugh... Jpeg Attachments Caveman 162 April 18, 2017 04:32PM
LOL Rolling on the floor (n/t) Mike D 160 April 17, 2017 07:13PM
I love to manufacture a product until it's perfect. LOL Zeb 185 April 17, 2017 04:08PM
"We shall sell no wine before it's time". Png Attachments BF Hammer 296 April 17, 2017 04:20PM
Re: "The World's Newest & Most Unique Watch" zekeryan56 176 April 17, 2017 03:41PM
He followed the business plan for making a minimalist boutique watch to the last detail! Laughing Laughing (n/t) BF Hammer 152 April 17, 2017 02:45PM
And then some! Caveman 173 April 17, 2017 03:00PM

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