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Love the Tudor! Wearing my new Orient Bambino today. . .
April 19, 2017 07:46AM
Really an amazing looking watch for under $140.00 with a hacking and hand-winding movement, outstanding fit and finish, and beautiful dauphine hands and domed crystal. I took off the OEM glossy faux alligator strap and replaced it with this genuine ostrich strap that I found on ebay for under $30.00. This watch has a 21mm lug width, which limits the selection, but I was fortunate to find a really nice strap for it. The watch is 40mm but is almost all dial.

Quick, crappy cellphone pic that doesn't do this watch justice.

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Subject Author Views Posted
What are you wearing? Good day WFWF - April 19, 2017 rollcall. What are you wearing? (n/t) Jpeg Attachments JohnSNY 228 April 19, 2017 04:58AM
Super cool Tudor. Tutima for me today. (n/t) Jpeg Attachments zekeryan56 188 April 19, 2017 06:26PM
Beer. Watch. Life is good.Cheers! JohnSNY 157 April 20, 2017 04:15AM
Super cool Tutima! Cool (n/t) James T. Kirk© 133 April 20, 2017 12:37AM
Mandatory Maratac today. Smile Jpeg Attachments BF Hammer 199 April 19, 2017 03:38PM
Re: Mandatory Maratac today. Smile zekeryan56 132 April 19, 2017 07:29PM
Shoulda. But that's too many rules for a bad boy to follow. Laughing (n/t) BF Hammer 128 April 19, 2017 08:12PM
Nice alliterative check in. JohnSNY 120 April 19, 2017 05:27PM
One could call it alluringly alliterative. Wink (n/t) BF Hammer 125 April 19, 2017 06:57PM
No change here either, still with my Damasko Jpeg Attachments Dre 138 April 19, 2017 09:24AM
I understand completely. Thumbs Up (n/t) JohnSNY 134 April 19, 2017 09:55AM
Love the Tudor! Wearing my new Orient Bambino today. . . Jpeg Attachments Kelly 140 April 19, 2017 07:46AM
Looks great. I have often considered adding one to the collection. (n/t) JohnSNY 117 April 19, 2017 08:15AM
Mojen Field Master (n/t) Jpeg Attachments solex 187 April 19, 2017 06:04AM
Great dial. Thumbs Up (n/t) JohnSNY 123 April 19, 2017 06:26AM
Thanks John (n/t) solex 158 April 19, 2017 06:32AM
Iconic Thumbs Up Aristo Type B here ........ Jpeg Attachments Robmks 175 April 19, 2017 05:43AM
Love tha B dial. Cool (n/t) JohnSNY 127 April 19, 2017 06:27AM
Very pretty, John, a collectible one today, not expensive but hard to come by... Jpeg Attachments James T. Kirk© 139 April 19, 2017 05:12AM
More collectible than I knew when I bought it. JohnSNY 127 April 19, 2017 05:33AM
Mmm, I mean mine Wink (n/t) James T. Kirk© 120 April 19, 2017 06:23AM
I wasn't sure, but I was eager to share that story. Wink (n/t) JohnSNY 124 April 19, 2017 06:29AM
Morning all! Flieger today. (n/t) Jpeg Attachments jhargrave 125 April 19, 2017 05:12AM
Love the hands and crown. Thumbs Up (n/t) JohnSNY 137 April 19, 2017 05:29AM
Classy! Thumbs Up Can't take it off, can you? LOL Upside-down Tauchmeister for me. Jpeg Attachments Zeb 139 April 19, 2017 05:06AM
I wore this Jules Jurgensen everyday for about 7 years. Jpeg Attachments JohnSNY 181 April 19, 2017 05:28AM
Now I have a Baby Tuna and a poor mans Tuna, but I will not get rid of the latter... James T. Kirk© 129 April 19, 2017 05:13AM

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