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Monday Mondaine Mania
avatar March 12, 2018 05:47PM
I have been meaning to take these photos ever since I received this new Mondaine desk watch at the end of December. I sort of put off a lot of photography while my tripod was sent back for warranty repair. Then I decided to do a wholesale upgrade of my tripod/monopod heads, and have been slowly receiving all the stuff I bought en masse last month. (I posted all about this in the photo forum)

Now that the L-bracket for my D7000 arrived Friday (when I was feeling pretty sick), it is now time to put the stuff to use. I present my 2 Mondaines.

I keep my calipers on my computer desk where I edit my photos, so I finally measured the clock. The dial inside of the bezel is 40mm, outside diameter of the aluminum bezel is 49mm. I forgot to measure the black box though. Smile

BF Hammer - the new and improved screen name of Chris L
Subject Author Views Posted
Monday Mondaine Mania Jpeg Attachments BF Hammer 261 March 12, 2018 05:47PM
Great photos and two great pieces. Thumbs Up Cheers! (n/t) JohnSNY 138 March 14, 2018 09:08AM
Lovely Pieces! Jpeg Attachments Hemel 169 March 13, 2018 01:46PM
What a lovely couple! Laughing (n/t) James T. KirkĀ© 142 March 13, 2018 10:02AM
Very nice desk clock - I would definitely be trying to find a way to wear that on my wrist. Laughing (n/t) Mike D 155 March 13, 2018 10:00AM
See below. Laughing BF Hammer 155 March 13, 2018 04:05PM
Well done. Applause It looks so nice out of the box ...... Robmks 141 March 13, 2018 08:38AM
Great post Smaug 163 March 13, 2018 08:00AM
Maybe a little underexposed, but balancing a white dial and black background is a trick by itself. BF Hammer 158 March 13, 2018 08:41AM
Balancing white dial/black background Smaug 134 March 13, 2018 07:37PM
Thumbs Up Very nice! The desk clock's not too big. You could rig somethimg up to strap it to your wrist. LOL (n/t) Zeb 133 March 12, 2018 08:00PM
It has magnets on the back. I could put a large washer behind my shirt and wear it like a badge. Laughing (n/t) BF Hammer 146 March 13, 2018 04:00PM
Now yer talkin'! Laughing (n/t) Mike D 156 March 14, 2018 08:38AM

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