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HAQ (High Accuracy Quartz) Showdown - there must some out there >>>
avatar May 08, 2018 12:06AM
HAQ: High Accuracy Quartz
  • High frequency quartz oscillator running at several times the standard 32kHz
  • Temperature compensation (found in some but not all)
  • Factory regulation tweaking with either cut traces or an adjustable passive component such as a potentiometer or more typically a capacitor
Citizen, Longines, Breitling, Omega, Bulova, Seiko and Citizen . . . among others . . . have all made HAQ (ETA has HAQ movements).
Dig 'em out guys, out of the "Quartz Box of Shame" if necessary. Let's see those HAQ.
I'll kick it off with mine . . .

Seiko came out with their 8F32 family of Perpetual Calendar in 1998 (smaller 4f32 for women's) and the related 8F56 family Perpetual Calendar GMT movements a couple years later. They run at 192kHz, 6x the standard 32kHz, and they were tweaked at the factory. With the mens' touting 10 year lithium coin cells which Seiko felt was their draw, they've been long since discontinued, overtaken by Seiko's kinetics. Unlike the Grand Seiko HAQ, these do not have temperature compensation:

SLL181: Aracadia Perpetual (8F32) 2001

SLL183: Perpetual (8F32) 2001

SLT081: Perpetual GMT (8F56) 2003

Bulova came out with their P102 UHF Precisionist movement a dozen years later in 2010 running at 256kHz, 8x the standard 32kHz. They also boast of the smooth sweeping second hand that ticks along with similar sweep as a 28.8kbh high beat 4Hz mechanical. Bulova has now regrouped all its HAQ watches under "UHF".

96B209: Accutron II "Snorkel" (P102.12) 2015

96B159: Longwood Precisionist (P102.12) 2016


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Subject Author Views Posted
HAQ (High Accuracy Quartz) Showdown - there must some out there >>> Jpeg Attachments John Lind 260 May 08, 2018 12:06AM
Omega >>> Jpeg Attachments MarkKershaw 141 May 09, 2018 05:48AM
Wrist Shot >>> Jpeg Attachments MarkKershaw 131 May 09, 2018 11:50AM
Thumbs Up Mark - Omega used two quartz movements, from what I understand a dual oscillator and single oscillator - both thermo-compensating >>> John Lind 142 May 09, 2018 10:50AM
Forgot I had this PDF with all of Seiko's HAQ mov't calibers; rediscovered it looking for the Seiko 7546 docs - see attached PDF PDF Attachments John Lind 128 May 08, 2018 05:05PM
Not an UHF but definitely a HAQ: Pulsar PSR-10 Image Attachments solex 152 May 08, 2018 04:22PM
Edit: PSR-10 mov't cal. Y301 is HAQ: 196kHz and 10 spy accuracy >>> URL John Lind 136 May 08, 2018 04:58PM
Thanks John, for some reason I associated high frequency with a smooth sweeping second hand (n/t) solex 142 May 09, 2018 05:43AM
Knew Pulsar had made a HAQ; considered a "unicorn" by collectors; very hard to find; when you posted yours Smile >>> John Lind 920 May 09, 2018 06:13AM
I have a Preciionist, but she's dead, Jim! I mean John. LOL Replaced the battery and it didn't help. Jpeg Attachments Zeb 164 May 08, 2018 09:11AM
Sad That sucks - I can presume you've tried pulling it out and putting it back in >>> John Lind 137 May 08, 2018 01:36PM
I tried other batteries, as well, in case the new one was bad. Hmm. Zeb 112 May 08, 2018 03:16PM
That's a real shame... (n/t) James T. Kirk© 103 May 08, 2018 09:40AM
I just have my Bulova Snorkel-tron II. Smile Jpeg Attachments BF Hammer 170 May 08, 2018 08:06AM
Snorkel-tron rolls off better, but Accu-snork is much funnier! Laughing (n/t) John Lind 133 May 08, 2018 01:10PM
Got two maybe's ........ Jpeg Attachments Robmks 138 May 08, 2018 07:45AM
Two very nice ones - the Bulova is considered HAQ by all but the purists >>> John Lind 147 May 08, 2018 01:08PM
That Bulova has a sweet look...Cool (n/t) James T. Kirk© 126 May 08, 2018 09:35AM
I had one, a Breitling Colt SQ Jpeg Attachments Dre 158 May 08, 2018 06:49AM
Nice ones Andrej! Thumbs Up the Breitling is an ETA based thermo-compensated and the Omega John Lind 143 May 08, 2018 09:17AM
I love those, would be nicest if they were solar too, but they need to much energy... Jpeg Attachments James T. Kirk© 137 May 08, 2018 01:38AM
The Bulova run 2 years or so but the Seiko are good for 10 years on a *new* cell >>> John Lind 120 May 08, 2018 03:56AM
Man, you're a walking Encyclopedia or should I say Google? Laughing (n/t) James T. Kirk© 106 May 08, 2018 09:31AM
Lindypedia. I suggest grabbing the domain right now. Laughing (n/t) BF Hammer 139 May 08, 2018 09:44AM
Re: The Bulova run 2 years or so but the Seiko are good for 10 years on a *new* cell >>> BigBadWatch 119 May 08, 2018 08:39AM
Re: The Bulova run 2 years or so but the Seiko are good for 10 years on a *new* cell >>> John Lind 130 May 08, 2018 10:36AM
When I had the Precisionist like yours, I used a case-back knife similar to this. Jpeg Attachments BF Hammer 150 May 08, 2018 11:26AM
I have a press and just ordered one of these Pixnor watch back tools . . . Jpeg Attachments John Lind 137 May 08, 2018 01:45PM
My Energizers are usually more expensive, but I buy on line, as I never see them locally... James T. Kirk© 111 May 08, 2018 09:38AM
9 seconds a year Jpeg Attachments BigBadWatch 136 May 08, 2018 08:36AM
Thumbs Up 9 seconds a year is great - it's about what I'm seeing with my two Bulova >>> John Lind 114 May 08, 2018 10:41AM

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