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Orbiting Starbase Maratac today.
avatar May 16, 2018 10:05AM
Maratac SR-3

BF Hammer - the new and improved screen name of Chris L
Subject Author Views Posted
Morning all! What are you wearing? Wednesday, 16 May, 2018 What are you wearing? Jpeg Attachments jhargrave 126 May 16, 2018 05:25AM
Cool Luminox Jeff - another GMT here too Jpeg Attachments John Lind 80 May 16, 2018 03:27PM
That's a beauty, John! I like the GMT hand, it's unique. Smile (n/t) jhargrave 74 May 16, 2018 05:51PM
That one looks interesting! After a nice day (77ºF), the weather is changing to a few cold ones... Jpeg Attachments James T. Kirk© 85 May 16, 2018 12:53PM
Very nice, Cap'n! (n/t) jhargrave 75 May 16, 2018 01:57PM
Orbiting Starbase Maratac today. Jpeg Attachments BF Hammer 86 May 16, 2018 10:05AM
Cool, Chris! (n/t) jhargrave 78 May 16, 2018 01:57PM
I like the bezel on that Luminox. Smile Revue Thommen Airspeed today Jpeg Attachments Zeb 88 May 16, 2018 09:15AM
Always nice, Dan! (n/t) jhargrave 81 May 16, 2018 01:56PM
Thanks, Jeff. Smile (n/t) Zeb 74 May 16, 2018 05:24PM
Looks nice is that an AUTO? Thumbs Up (n/t) MarkKershaw 69 May 16, 2018 09:53AM
Thank you! Yes, it's a 7750. Smile Jpeg Attachments Zeb 66 May 16, 2018 05:26PM
Pilot Style >> Jpeg Attachments MarkKershaw 80 May 16, 2018 07:50AM
Good one, Mark! (n/t) jhargrave 73 May 16, 2018 01:58PM
Cool GMT Thumbs Up Sticking with Sumo ....... Jpeg Attachments Robmks 85 May 16, 2018 07:48AM
Thumbs Up (n/t) jhargrave 78 May 16, 2018 01:56PM
Nice sumo Thumbs Up (n/t) MarkKershaw 67 May 16, 2018 09:26AM

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