January 05, 2019 01:58PM
This one has the unusual glass bezel insert, which make some of the markings a mirror finish.

Dan "Zeb" Zsebehazy
Dan's really, really out of date watch website
Subject Author Views Posted
What are you wearing? Saturday, Januari 5th 2019, my first rollcall of the year! Wink What are you wearing? Jpeg Attachments James T. Kirk© 255 January 05, 2019 04:05AM
That's a pretty perfect Panhom, Johan. Thumbs Up Another Seiko 5 Sports today Jpeg Attachments Zeb 181 January 05, 2019 01:58PM
Thank you, Dan, that's an interesting bezel on that "5"! (n/t) James T. Kirk© 152 January 06, 2019 05:16AM
Nice Seiko 5 Thumbs Up (n/t) MarkKershaw 158 January 05, 2019 02:03PM
Thank you! (n/t) Zeb 162 January 05, 2019 04:04PM
No change, still with the PADI Turtle Jpeg Attachments Dre 182 January 05, 2019 11:42AM
Thumbs Up (n/t) James T. Kirk© 112 January 05, 2019 01:29PM
Amazing, it's the 5th already! This year is flying by. Back to the bubble today.. RussMurray 165 January 05, 2019 10:28AM
Nice! Thumbs Up (n/t) James T. Kirk© 157 January 05, 2019 01:29PM
You are a rebelious watch rebel Johan! Laughing Citizen Blue Angels taking flight today. Jpeg Attachments BF Hammer 171 January 05, 2019 09:51AM
Rebellious, no, just wallet friendly! But honestly, if I was loaded, I think a real Panerai would be a possibility! I really like them! (n/t) James T. Kirk© 161 January 05, 2019 10:03AM
Nice Citizen Thumbs Up (n/t) MarkKershaw 155 January 05, 2019 09:55AM
Nice start Thumbs Up Jpeg Attachments MarkKershaw 162 January 05, 2019 09:38AM
Boy, aren't you attached to the calculator! Laughing (n/t) James T. Kirk© 164 January 05, 2019 10:01AM
And on the wrist Thumbs Up Jpeg Attachments MarkKershaw 162 January 05, 2019 10:11AM
It doesn't want to leave my wrist Laughing Thumbs Up (n/t) MarkKershaw 115 January 05, 2019 10:05AM
Re: It doesn't want to leave my wrist Laughing Thumbs Up Dave Marskell 144 January 09, 2019 03:16PM
Laughing (n/t) James T. Kirk© 114 January 05, 2019 01:28PM
Cool homage, Johan. Thumbs Up Bulova Lunar Chrono here for me. Jpeg Attachments Mike D 178 January 05, 2019 07:23AM
Works for me! (n/t) RussMurray 162 January 05, 2019 01:07PM
Very nice , with that wonderful quartz movement! Cool (n/t) James T. Kirk© 163 January 05, 2019 10:01AM
Nice Space Watch Thumbs Up (n/t) MarkKershaw 157 January 05, 2019 09:55AM
That's nice, but a touchy subject. Smile Benarus for a rainy day here ..... Jpeg Attachments Robmks 163 January 05, 2019 06:41AM
Re: That's nice, but a touchy subject. Smile Benarus for a rainy day here ..... Dave Marskell 103 January 09, 2019 02:39PM
Nice one Bob. Benarus make some fine pieces Thumbs Up (n/t) RussMurray 161 January 05, 2019 01:03PM
An exceptional nice PVD watch you have there! Envy Cool (n/t) James T. Kirk© 112 January 05, 2019 10:00AM
Thats a good looking Benarus Thumbs Up (n/t) MarkKershaw 161 January 05, 2019 09:56AM
Morning all! Those Marinas are really nice, Cap'n! Padi Turtle for me today. (n/t) Jpeg Attachments jhargrave 168 January 05, 2019 05:58AM
Thumbs Up (n/t) RussMurray 169 January 05, 2019 01:04PM
Very nice indeed! Thumbs Up (n/t) James T. Kirk© 154 January 05, 2019 09:59AM
Nice Turtle Thumbs Up (n/t) MarkKershaw 120 January 05, 2019 09:56AM
Mighty nice Seiko diver. Thumbs Up (n/t) Robmks 154 January 05, 2019 06:44AM

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