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Great watch! I'm a big Steinhart fan.
January 30, 2019 04:09AM
I hope whatever you have goes away quickly.
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Morning all! Tuesday, 29 January, 2019. What are you wearing? Jpeg Attachments jhargrave 230 January 29, 2019 06:31AM
Tag Carrera chrono on an MN strap Jpeg Attachments Tim H 161 January 29, 2019 06:00PM
VERY nice, Tim! Its a beauty. (n/t) jhargrave 126 January 29, 2019 07:46PM
Lookin' good. Thumbs Up (n/t) Robmks 122 January 29, 2019 06:12PM
Going with the cuff-strap tonight. Smile Png Attachments BF Hammer 135 January 29, 2019 04:37PM
Downright tropical, Chris! Good luck and keep an eye on your pipes. (n/t) jhargrave 128 January 29, 2019 07:42PM
My sister in Chicago is getting that tomorrow. It would be nice to have a fireplace. Cheers! (n/t) Robmks 122 January 29, 2019 06:18PM
What are you wearing? Early 70's Elgin (ETA Auto) "The Last Emperor" Jpeg Attachments Ethan Mack 156 January 29, 2019 11:36AM
That is one very very cool piece! Thumbs UpThumbs Up (n/t) RussMurray 118 January 29, 2019 04:16PM
That is really cool! There were some good ones back then. Thumbs Up (n/t) jhargrave 129 January 29, 2019 02:16PM
Too bad not samurai sword hands. Smile But quite an elegant Elgin. Thumbs Up (n/t) Robmks 122 January 29, 2019 01:03PM
After the rains, it started to freeze again, snow again tomorrow! Jpeg Attachments James T. Kirk© 126 January 29, 2019 11:22AM
Be careful where you tread Johan. That Starfish is nice. (n/t) RussMurray 125 January 29, 2019 04:17PM
Most snow in the West, already evening and just a thin layer on car roofs... (n/t) James T. Kirk© 117 January 30, 2019 11:19AM
Sounds about right! Good luck with the ice. Nice Seiko! (n/t) jhargrave 127 January 29, 2019 02:17PM
Solid diver, Jeff. Thumbs Up I'm staying with the Hamilton field chrono Jpeg Attachments Zeb 133 January 29, 2019 10:58AM
Nothing wrong with that one, Dan! (n/t) jhargrave 124 January 29, 2019 02:18PM
Lookin' good Jeff. Keep your back straight when shoveling! Going with a hand-cranker today.. RussMurray 132 January 29, 2019 09:29AM
Great one, Russ! The nice thing is that we live in a condo, so we don't have to shovel. Smile (n/t) jhargrave 132 January 29, 2019 02:19PM
Ditto! Thumbs Up (n/t) RussMurray 120 January 29, 2019 04:18PM
Nice Hand Wind Thumbs Up (n/t) MarkKershaw 127 January 29, 2019 10:27AM
Black Bay this morning Jpeg Attachments Dre 146 January 29, 2019 08:16AM
Those are so nice! (n/t) jhargrave 129 January 29, 2019 02:20PM
Craving watch Thumbs Up (n/t) MarkKershaw 122 January 29, 2019 10:26AM
Great shot of a lovely watch! Thumbs Up (n/t) RussMurray 124 January 29, 2019 09:30AM
Good luck with that. Relaxing at home with Steinhart ...... Jpeg Attachments Robmks 138 January 29, 2019 07:34AM
Great watch! I'm a big Steinhart fan. Tim H 148 January 30, 2019 04:09AM
That's a beauty, Bob! Hope you feel better soon. (n/t) jhargrave 123 January 29, 2019 02:21PM
Heal up soon Bob. Nice diver! (n/t) RussMurray 121 January 29, 2019 09:31AM
Nice Steinhart Thumbs Up (n/t) MarkKershaw 119 January 29, 2019 07:51AM
Morning All , Casio For Me Thumbs Up Jpeg Attachments MarkKershaw 130 January 29, 2019 06:52AM
Did you glue it on, Mark? Thumbs Up (n/t) jhargrave 141 January 29, 2019 02:21PM

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