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So many hobbies, so little money...

state of the collection
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What are you wearing? 10-08-2019 Smile Jpeg Attachments Dbyers 101 October 08, 2019 06:46AM
I have 1 more chrono to bring out and play... Jpeg Attachments BF Hammer 81 October 08, 2019 04:18PM
Nice one! Speed Racer today Jpeg Attachments James T. Kirk© 69 October 08, 2019 01:04PM
That's a beauty! Full Lume dial today. (n/t) Jpeg Attachments jhargrave 68 October 08, 2019 12:37PM
Gruen USA KentBetts 85 October 08, 2019 09:04AM
Yeah, that's unique. Bit of a blend of old & new, very cool. Going with a Turtle today..... Jpeg Attachments RussMurray 59 October 08, 2019 08:00AM
That's different Thumbs Up Remora gets the call ........ Jpeg Attachments Robmks 60 October 08, 2019 07:37AM
Another cool photo of an equally cool watch. Thumbs Up (n/t) RussMurray 54 October 08, 2019 08:01AM
Great dial and hands, Dan! Tissot Seastar 1000 today Jpeg Attachments Zeb 74 October 08, 2019 07:21AM
That one is choice! Nice one Dan Thumbs Up (n/t) RussMurray 55 October 08, 2019 08:02AM
That blue dial looks fantastic. Thumbs Up (n/t) Robmks 54 October 08, 2019 07:40AM

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