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Looks great, Russ! I went with a Seagull today.
November 02, 2019 12:30PM
The Reto Wuyi. Decided on something nice since we are going to Supper tonight with the Girlfriend's nephew and his wife.

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What are you wearing?Saturday Nov 2 - Just switching up some bracelets... Jpeg Attachments RussMurray 133 November 02, 2019 08:44AM
Yema wrist time KentBetts 104 November 03, 2019 06:33AM
Nice one! (n/t) James T. Kirk© 84 November 03, 2019 12:00PM
Familiar watch! We just had our DST returned last weekend, so... Jpeg Attachments James T. Kirk© 96 November 02, 2019 01:31PM
It might be a pain, but I like that MRG130. Smile (n/t) Zeb 90 November 02, 2019 07:47PM
Oh, I do too, those MR-G digitals aren't easy to swap batteries though, many parts! (n/t) James T. Kirk© 93 November 03, 2019 04:40AM
Sounds like ypu should have headed to the boxing ring instead of the gym! Nice Casio though. (n/t) RussMurray 93 November 02, 2019 01:49PM
Haha, because of G-Shock?! Laughing (n/t) James T. Kirk© 85 November 03, 2019 04:38AM
Hell no, sounded like you needed an outlet to vent yer frustrations! (n/t) RussMurray 92 November 03, 2019 06:13AM
Only frustration is to open the thing again and see what's wrong, but I'll do that another time... Wink (n/t) James T. Kirk© 84 November 03, 2019 11:59AM
Looks great, Russ! I went with a Seagull today. Jpeg Attachments jhargrave 112 November 02, 2019 12:30PM
Elegant! Hope you enjoyed your dinner. (n/t) Zeb 98 November 02, 2019 07:43PM
Thanks, Dan! It was good. (n/t) jhargrave 92 November 02, 2019 07:56PM
Thanks Jeff. Are you going to a Chinese Restaurant by any chance? Nice dresser big guy Thumbs Up (n/t) RussMurray 93 November 02, 2019 01:51PM
I don't know yet. Their choice this time. We chose the restaurant last time. jhargrave 98 November 02, 2019 02:07PM
Believe it or not, they DID choose Chinese. Smile (n/t) jhargrave 102 November 02, 2019 07:56PM
Thumbs Up (n/t) RussMurray 89 November 03, 2019 06:14AM
Oooh, Chinese food once in a while ain't bad! Envy (n/t) James T. Kirk© 87 November 03, 2019 04:41AM
Good combo Thumbs Up Going with Breitling ........ Jpeg Attachments Robmks 102 November 02, 2019 11:11AM
Thumbs Up I wouldn't mind one of those. (n/t) Zeb 88 November 02, 2019 07:43PM
Oh yeah, attsa nice. (n/t) RussMurray 100 November 02, 2019 01:52PM
That's a beauty! (n/t) jhargrave 94 November 02, 2019 12:31PM
That yellow pops, Russ! Great bracelet, too. Thumbs Up Watch #15 is another Orient SK Crystal Jpeg Attachments Zeb 102 November 02, 2019 11:04AM
Thanks Dan. That baby will go well with your leisure suit Wink Very cool, man. (n/t) RussMurray 88 November 02, 2019 01:53PM
LOL I'm trying to get my mustache nice and bushy. And my chest hair has all grown back! (n/t) Zeb 93 November 02, 2019 07:40PM
Good stuff... I take it yer back is follicle free? Wink (n/t) RussMurray 87 November 03, 2019 06:16AM
Uh, yeah, sure. Whistle (n/t) Zeb 86 November 03, 2019 12:52PM
Laughing Magnum P.I.! (Tom Selleck) (n/t) James T. Kirk© 88 November 03, 2019 04:39AM
I couldn't do those shorts justice. LOL (n/t) Jpeg Attachments Zeb 88 November 03, 2019 12:57PM
People see mine weekly in the Gym... Laughing (n/t) James T. Kirk© 84 November 04, 2019 08:10AM
Cool dial color, Dan! (n/t) jhargrave 94 November 02, 2019 12:31PM
Thanks, it's very magenta. Smile (n/t) Zeb 87 November 02, 2019 07:39PM
Cool retro vibe. Thumbs Up (n/t) Robmks 81 November 02, 2019 11:17AM
Thanks, Bob! (n/t) Zeb 100 November 02, 2019 07:39PM
Bright and sunny Seiko, Russ! Thumbs Up Went with the Seiko Scuba today. Jpeg Attachments Mike D 100 November 02, 2019 10:39AM
Wow, there's a lot going on with that diver, Mike. The bezel is similar to the SKX 421. Nice! (n/t) RussMurray 93 November 02, 2019 01:55PM
One serious diver. Thumbs Up (n/t) Robmks 74 November 02, 2019 11:24AM
Not a common model. So many cool complications! (n/t) Zeb 83 November 02, 2019 11:07AM
Nice Yellow Seiko Thumbs Up (n/t) MarkKershaw 83 November 02, 2019 09:50AM
Thanks Mark! (n/t) RussMurray 89 November 02, 2019 10:10AM
Pireli chono on my wrist. Jpeg Attachments BF Hammer 114 November 02, 2019 09:19AM
Thumbs Up Funky and very Italian! (n/t) Zeb 80 November 02, 2019 11:08AM
Ultra cool chrono for sure Thumbs Up Did it also come with a tire tread rubber strap? (n/t) RussMurray 86 November 02, 2019 10:10AM
No rubber, just leather baby! (n/t) BF Hammer 90 November 02, 2019 10:56AM
Thats an awesome chronograph Thumbs Up (n/t) MarkKershaw 80 November 02, 2019 09:50AM

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