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Same camera, old lenses.
September 03, 2014 06:17PM
Camera is my same old trusty D90 that I've been shooting for a few years.

The bellows is a Nikon PB-6 bellows that I found for relatively cheap on Craigslist here in DC.

As far as the lenses used, the dial rose was done with an ancient pre Ai Nikon 28mm f/3.5. You mount it to the bellows reversed, so the end that would typically be facing the camera is actually facing the subject. Instead of capturing a wide field and compressing it to fit on a camera sensor (or film), it goes the opposite direction - takes a subject and expands it to a really wide field. The camera sensor only captures the very center of that expanded project image. In effect acting as a magnifying glass. Using this technique you can mount a 20mm lens to the bellows and achieve 11:1 magnification.

The crown was captured with my 55mm f/3.5 Micro Nikkor, a standby macro lens I've had for quite some time. Again, old equipment, costs hardly anything. That lens is shown in this image below:

This also illustrates why I've been such a big fan of the Nikon system - their devotion to the F mount. The equipment used for these macro pictures is decades old. Yet I can hook up my DSLR to it and use it to capture images. Sure, it won't do any metering. But with digital it's easy enough to take a few shots, delete the bad ones, and narrow in on good exposure.
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A few macro's of my Tudor Black Bay Jpeg Attachments Dre 2988 September 02, 2014 07:22AM
Nice job. Thumbs Up A bellows? Gee, what camera and lens? (n/t) Robmks 2712 September 02, 2014 05:16PM
Same camera, old lenses. Jpeg Attachments Dre 2867 September 03, 2014 06:17PM
Very nice setup. Thumbs Up I had an old one with ......... Robmks 2777 September 05, 2014 08:48PM
Thumbs Up Cool (n/t) Cmoy 2392 September 04, 2014 05:46AM
Very cool shots! Well done! (n/t) marsss25 2449 September 02, 2014 09:19AM
Awesome shots Andrej! Thumbs Up Thumbs Up (n/t) Cmoy 2410 September 02, 2014 07:26AM

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