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How to link photos from Picasa Web Albums and Google Photos, by request.
avatar September 27, 2015 12:23PM
EDIT: As of July, 2017 Photobucket has taken steps to cripple all free account users. Forget about using that site for photo hosting unless you want to pay their extortion prices for upgraded service. Google Photos is also problematic for several months now. All right-clicking on images is now disabled, which prevents you from getting the direct URL link to a photo. This post is officially obsolete. Try ImgUR.com or some other free photo host.

There are people who are having difficulties with linking photos from Google photo hosts to WF-WF in a way that the full-sized images display. The failure is due to Google displaying resized images, and all the links go back to these resized (very small) images. They do this for the reason of making their web pages open faster. You can get to the full-size photos and copy the URL from them into your posts at WF-WF, and here is how I have done it.

Directions using Picasa Web Albums:
First you must make sure that the photo album is set to be viewable by all on the internet.

Here's how it looks from my account. Forgive my crudely drawn cursors I added to the screen-shots. First open the correct album.

Then click on the individual photo to view it.

Then click on the "Full Screen" button in upper-left region. This is important so the full-size image is being linked to.

Now you right-click directly on the photo and select "Copy Image Location" from the pop-up menu. Now you have the correct URL ready to paste into your post in WF-WF or any other place.

Now here is how you do it in Google Photos:
Again, it is important to make all the photos in your photo album viewable to all on the internet. It's a setting in the photo album properties.

I'm using the "Album View" setting in Google Photos, but the idea is the same for the other view modes.
Click on the album.

Click on the actual image to open full-browser-screen.

Google provides a place in the upper-right corner to copy the URL from this screen. Don't use it, it will not work. Instead right-click directly on to the photo and select "Copy Image Location". Now this URL is ready to be pasted into a WF-WF post. Use the tabs feature of your web browser to keep both locations open and you can copy/paste many images this way.

All of the above screenshots are linked from Picasa Web Albums.

Now here are the actual photos using the directions provided. WF-WF photo viewer will display the full-size image if you click directly on the photo.

The Google Photos URL will be very long, actually too long to just paste the URL directly into the post and have it display as a photo automatically as some are accustomed to doing. You have to use the "Insert Image URL" tool (the icon that looks like a mountain) above the message composition area. This adds the IMG code needed for the forum software to work right.

Due to the cumbersome nature of using Google as a photo host this way, I pretty much am using Photobucket.com. It has it's own app for Android and iPhone that works well with the system to upload photos and show them. Using a PC and web browser, uploading photos is a drag-n-drop operation, just drag from a Windows Explorer folder and drop into the web browser with the photo album open you wish to upload to. Once the photos are there, you can copy the URL links directly from the thumbnail preview in the album. If you spend a bit of time in the setup of Photobucket, you also can have it generate the IMG code directly which can be copied and pasted to WF-WF without using the Insert Image URL tool.

BF Hammer - the new and improved screen name of Chris L

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