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You really like to shoot with a wide-angle and catch all context of the scene. I don't know how large of a computer display you use, but for somebody like me who primarily uses a small convertible-notebook PC (think 11 inch display) to look at the forum, I never can see any detail in your watches. Impossible to view on a phone display. I know Robmks has made a comment about it, as I think he uses a lower-resolution setting of his display to make it easier to read with his eyes.

And for those who are not film-buffs, Kubrick was famous for using very wide angle lenses in his movies and natural lighting where possible.

There is a lot of nice mood working here. The shadow works well. The glint of sunlight in the crystal. Also good shading happening in the background. But the watch has a way of being overwhelmed by the framing.

Now I took liberty to work on your photo a bit and this is how I would try to do this. A lot more cropped off the scene, and I brought the exposure down just 1/3 stop. I also adjusted white balance to take out the gold in the bracelet. All done with RawTherapee (freeware).

BF Hammer - the new and improved screen name of Chris L

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